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Marine Services

MArine Alignment SERVICES

Rotatek provides 3D marine alignment services and precision measurement solutions including main engine alignment, reduction gear alignment, tail shaft coupling sag and gap alignment, stern tube and strut bearing bore alignment, cardan shaft and strain gauge alignment. Utilizing the latest laser technologies available, we are able to perform these services faster with higher accuracy than traditional methods saving valuable outage time and resources.

Excessive vibration on marine vessels can often be the result of misalignment which can ultimately lead to failures and costly repairs. For the safe and reliable operation of your propulsion system, precision alignment is an essential requirement.

A detailed graphical measurement report is supplied with all marine alignment services.

Our commitment to excellence paired with our state-of-the-art measurement capabilities makes Rotatek your trusted precision service partner.

FEM Shaft Modeling

FEM (Finite Element Method) Shaft Modeling refers to the application of numerical simulations using FEM to analyze and optimize the mechanical behavior of shafts used in marine vessels, such as ships, boats, and submarines.

Marine Alignment

Rotatek provides various maintenance and engineering procedures carried out in the marine industry to ensure the precise alignment of various components and systems onboard ships, boats, and other watercraft.

Marine Vibration

Marine Vibration Services involve the assessment, analysis, and mitigation of vibration-related issues in marine vessels. Rotatek can complete vibration testing and evaluate the behavior of marine rotating machinery.

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Why Align?

Misalignment Costs Time and Money

Did you know over 50% of rotating equipment failures are directly related to misalignment and unbalance?  Misaligned or unbalanced equipment are subjected to higher vibration levels significantly reducing the service life of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings.

Precision Alignment Benefits