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Marine Vibration

Marine Vibration Service

Marine Vibration Services involve the assessment, analysis and mitigation of vibration-related issues in marine vessels. Vibration is a common problem in the marine industry, and excessive or uncontrolled vibrations can lead to equipment damage, increased maintenance costs and compromised safety. Under simulated vibration conditions, Rotatek can complete vibration testing and evaluate the behavior of marine rotating machinery. At Rotatek, we aim to identify the sources of vibration and implement measures to reduce or eliminate its adverse effects.

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Marine Vibration SERVICES
What can you expect from Marine Vibration Services with Rotatek?
Reliable diagnosis of overall machine condition
Condition monitoring based on ISO recommendations
Vibration severity measurement to detect common machine faults such as imbalance, misalignment, bearing faults, mechanical looseness, resonance and more
Evaluation of vibration analysis with comprehensive field report provided
By addressing vibration-related challenges, Marine Vibration Services enhance the performance, safety, and comfort of marine vessels. Regular vibration assessments and proactive measures help minimize downtime, extend the life of equipment, and improve overall operational efficiency
Vibration Measurement

Marine Vibration Services begin with the measurement and characterization of vibrations on the vessel. Advanced vibration measurement tools, such as vibration analyzers, are used to capture data on vibration levels and frequencies across different components and systems.

Vibration Analysis

Once the vibration data is collected, it is analyzed to identify the sources and causes of vibration. The analysis helps determine whether the vibration is within a standard’s acceptable limits and whether it is related to machinery, propulsion systems, or structural issues.

Propeller and Shaft Balancing

Unbalanced propellers or shafts can cause significant vibrations. Marine Vibration Services may involve propeller and shaft balancing to ensure that the rotating components are evenly distributed and free from vibration-induced stresses.

Shaft and Coupling Alignment

Misaligned shafts and couplings are another common cause of vibration. Marine Vibration Analysis Services can diagnose shaft and coupling misalignment.

Bearing and Machinery Condition Monitoring

Vibration services often include the implementation of condition monitoring programs, where the health of critical machinery, such as engines, pumps, and generators, is continuously monitored. Early detection of bearing wear or mechanical issues can prevent severe vibrations and potential breakdowns.

Structural Analysis

Marine Vibration Services may involve structural analysis to identify areas of resonance or natural frequencies that could amplify vibrations. Reinforcement or damping measures can be implemented to mitigate structural vibrations.