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3D Alignment and Precision Measurement

3D Alignment and Precision Measurement Service

At Rotatek, 3D Alignment and Precision Measurement services involve the use of advanced technologies and tools to ensure that machinery and equipment are properly aligned and are within specified tolerances. 3D alignment ensures that objects or components are correctly positioned in three-dimensional space. This is crucial for machinery, structures, and systems where misalignment can lead to operational issues, inefficiencies, or safety concerns.

These services play a crucial role in various industries, including power generation, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing and more, where accurate alignment and precision are essential for optimal performance and efficiency.

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3D Alignment and Precision Measurement Services

Overall, 3D alignment and precision measurement services are critical for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of industrial equipment, reducing downtime, and ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards. These services are performed by Rotatek’s Field Service Engineers with expertise in metrology and precision alignment techniques.

Machinery Alignment

Machinery alignment ensures that rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, and turbines are correctly aligned to prevent issues like vibration, excessive wear, and reduced efficiency.

Levelness and Flatness

Levelness and flatness measurements are crucial for ensuring that mounting surfaces are at the correct elevation and co-planar. This is vital in applications such as foundation installations and the alignment of large machinery soleplates and bases.

Surface Mapping

Surface mapping involves creating a detailed map of a surface to identify irregularities, deformations and deviations from the desired specifications. This is important in applications where surface quality is critical, such as in power generation, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing and more.

Internal Bore Alignment

Internal bore alignment ensures that cylindrical components or structures with internal bores are properly aligned. This is common in applications like aligning gas and steam turbines, engine cylinders or ensuring precise alignment in rotor bearing systems.


Precision measurement services are often employed during the installation of new equipment or systems to ensure that they are positioned correctly and function optimally.

3D Measurements

Laser trackers operate by measuring two angles and a distance. The tracker sends a laser beam to a retroreflective target held against the object being measured. As light is reflected off the target, it bounced back and re-enters the tracker at the same position it left and is measured by a distance meter, measuring the distance between the tracker and target.

Distance Measurement

The tracker sends a laser beam to a retroreflective target held against the object to be measured. The reflectedbeam returns to the tracker and its precise distance is recorded.

3D Measurement

Two angle encoders measure the elevation and rotational angles while a highly accurate absolute distance meter is used to determine the 3D position of the target. This position is shown in the software as an X, Y, Z value.


The target returns the reflected laser beam parallel but offset back to the tracker where it hits the position detector, which calculates the offset between the outgoing and incoming beam. Servo motors continuously (thousands of times per second) steer the tracker’s head to minimize the offset between the two beams, resulting in high-speed, dynamic measurements.