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Dynamic Field Balancing

Dynamic Field Balancing Service

Rotatek provides on-site precision dynamic balancing services for all applications and industries worldwide.  Our certified vibration analysts will measure rotor unbalance utilizing portable balancing equipment and make corrections recommendations onsite saving time and money.

Dynamic field balancing services involve the process of balancing rotating machinery, such as fans, pumps, turbines, and motors, while they are in their operational environment. Unbalanced rotating machinery can cause excessive vibrations, increased wear and tear, reduced efficiency, and even structural damage. Dynamic field balancing is performed to correct any unbalance issues and ensure smooth and efficient operation.

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Dynamic Field Balancing Process
In-Situ Balancing

Dynamic field balancing is conducted at the actual location where the rotating equipment is installed and operational. It eliminates the need to disassemble and transport the machinery to a balancing facility, saving time and resources.


A detailed graphical measurement report showing the “As Found” and “As Left” conditions is supplied with all precision measurement services.

Benefits of Dynamic Field Balancing
  • With onsite field balancing there’s no need to dismantle and transport the rotor which can be costly and time-consuming
  • The complete rotor assembly can be balanced
  • Actual running conditions can be taken into consideration
  • Reduce excessive vibration, wasted energy, failures, and costly breakdowns
  • Increase machine reliability, efficiency, uptime, and productivity
Schedule Regular Balancing

Dynamic field balancing services are essential for industries relying on rotating machinery to ensure optimal performance, prevent equipment damage, and enhance overall productivity. Regular dynamic balancing is recommended to maintain equipment health and maximize operational efficiency.