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Centralign System

Laser Bore Alignment System Rental
Centralign Ultra iS Rental

Bore and bearing shell alignment in combustion engines and similar machinery is a lengthy procedure whichever way you look at it. But the bore alignment application CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard makes the process much easier. CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard will help you achieve the following:

› Determine the bore centerline
› Set the centerline relative to any fixed bores
› Calculate the minimum corrections required
› Align the bores or a boring machine to the centerline

The CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard bore alignment application guides the user in a step-by-step manner through laser set-up, taking measurements then viewing of results. The ROTALIGN Ultra computer finally calculates the optimum corrections. The on-screen display guides the user through the process of carrying out the corrections.

Laser bore alignment in combustion engines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes, stern tubes and in steam, gas turbines and more

  • True bore center measurement: Determination of the eccentricity error
  • Ability to measure more than 3 points over the bore guarantees highest accuracy
  • Patented universal pointer brackets with rotating sensor holder improve measurement precision and handling
  • Measurement of both magnetic and non-magnetic bores with diameters ranging from 45 mm to over 4000 mm
  • Laser range distances up to 50 m (164,042 ft) with the Long Range Laser
  • Control sensor (option) for automated compensation of potential laser drift

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ROTALIGN Touch or ROTALIGN Ultra iS with Expert Firmware
• Accessories, Mag Brackets, Sliding Mag Brackets, Turbine Brackets, Thin Brackets
• Laptop with shaft alignment software Alignment Reliabilty Center or Alignment Center

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