ROTATEK provides 3D bore alignment services and precision measurement solutions including internal turbine alignment, bearing bore alignment, bearing pedestal alignment, diesel engine crankcase & cylinder bore alignment, compressor crosshead guide bore alignment, pump casing bore alignment, marine alignment and more. Our field service service engineers utilize state-of-the-art FARO Vantage laser trackers enabling us to to perform these services faster with higher accuracy and greater precision.

From installation to overhaul and maintenance, our bore alignment service and measurement solutions can out-perform traditional methods saving valuable outage time and resources.

A detailed graphical measurement report is supplied with all precision measurement services.

Our commitment to excellence paired with our state-of-the-art measurement capabilities makes ROTATEK your trusted precision service partner.


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3D Bore Alignment and Measurement Solutions

Bore alignment is the process of aligning circular, cylindrical or other geometric shaped bores to each other and or to other features so that they are straight, concentric, parallel, perpendicular, level and plumb depending on the application.

Unlike traditional alignment methods using piano wire, alignment telescopes and 2d laser optics, ROTATEK field engineers utilize 3D portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMM) including Laser Trackers and Articulating Arms for unparalleled accuracy, precision and measurement acquisition time.

Precision bore alignment services and precision measurement solutions include internal turbine alignment, bearing bore alignment, bearing pedestal alignment, diesel engine crankcase & cylinder bore alignment, compressor crosshead guide bore alignment, pump casing bore alignment and more.

Turbine Internal Bore Alignment

Turbine casing bores, diaphragms, oil deflectors, bearings and other components are measured with the laser tracker for fast and accurate 3D measurements.

Geometric Alignment

Alignment of machine components are easily measured no matter how large and precision moves can be monitored live.

Bearing Bore Alignment

Bearing bores and bearing pedestal bores are accurately aligned to reduce unwanted vibration and ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation.

3-D Measurements

Laser trackers operate by measuring two angles and a distance. The tracker sends a laser beam to a retroreflective target held against the object being measured. As light is reflected off the target, it bounced back and re-enters the tracker at the same position it left and is measured by a distance meter, measuring the distance between the tracker and target.

Distance Measurement

The tracker sends a laser beam to a retroreflective target held against the object to be measured. The reflectedbeam returns to the tracker and its precise distance is recorded.

3D Measurement

Two angle encoders measure the elevation and rotational angles while a highly accurate absolute distance meter is used to determine the 3D position of the target. This position is shown in the software as an X, Y, Z value.


The target returns the reflected laser beam parallel but offset back to the tracker where it hits the position detector, which calculates the offset between the outgoing and incoming beam. Servo motors continuously (thousands of times per second) steer the tracker’s head to minimize the offset between the two beams, resulting in high-speed, dynamic measurements.

  • 2D and 3D Laser Bore Alignment
  • Geometric Bore Alignment
  • Bearing Bore Alignment
  • Diaphragm Alignment
  • Extruder Bore Alignment
  • Diesel Engine Bore Alignment
  • Crankshaft Bore Alignment
  • Hydro Turbine Bore Alignment
  • Compressor Cross Guide Bore Alignment
  • Gearbox Bore Alignment
  • Pump Bore Alignment
  • Marine and Ship Alignment, Stern Tube Alignment, Strut Alignment
  • 2-D and 3-D Alignments
  • Straightness, Levelness, Concentricity, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Circularity, Cylindricity, Dimensioning
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Coupling Alignment
  • Bore Alignment
  • Roll Alignment
  • Industrial Alignment
  • Machinery Alignment
  • Geometric Alignment
  • Levelness, Flatness, Perpendicularity, Concentricity, Parallelism
  • Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment
  • 2-D and 3-D Alignments
  • Machine Train Alignment
  • Simultaneous Multi-Coupling Measurement
  • Live Monitoring of Machinery Alignment
  • Thermal Growth and Dynamic Movement Surveys
  • Hot Alignment Targets
  • Electric Motor Alignment, Engine Alignment, Generator Alignment
  • Pump Alignment, Vertical Pump Alignment, Hydro-Turbine Alignment
  • Gas Turbine Alignment, Steam Turbine Alignment, Wind Turbine Alignment
  • Blower and Fan Alignment, Compressor Alignment, Turbine Alignment
  • Gearbox Alignment, Extruder Alignment, Ship-to-Shore Crane Alignment
  • Cardan Shaft Alignment, Fluid Drive Alignment, Diaphragm Alignment
  • Marine Alignment, Stern Tube Alignment, Strut Alignment, Propulsion Alignment
  • Bearing Alignment and more…

Misalignment costs time and money

Did you know over 50% of rotating equipment failures are directly related to misalignment and unbalance?  Misaligned or unbalanced equipment are subjected to higher vibration levels significantly reducing the service life of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings.

  • ROTATEK can help reduce overall operating costs and increase equipment reliability, efficiency, productivity and uptime with our precision balancing and expert laser alignment services.
  • Our field service engineers have extensive knowledge with rotating equipment and are trained in the latest measurement technologies and precision maintenance practices
  • We are committed to excellence and are dedicated to provide you the best service possible
  • We travel to you no matter where in the world you may need us
  • 24/7 emergency service is available
  • We can Align Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Precision alignment benefits:

  • Reduced overall operating costs
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced machinery vibration
  • Reduced wear on bearings, seals, shafts and couplings
  • Reduced machinery failures
  • Reduced vibrations in machine bases, foundations, ductwork, piping, etc
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Converting
  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plastics
  • Power Generation
  • Marine and Shipbuilding

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