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Precision Inclinometer Tool Rental
Inclineo Rental

INCLINEO is a powerful system based on a high precision electronic inclinometer technology. It measures angularity at different positions on a surface enabling exact profile determination of machined surfaces. In combination with easy-to-mount bracketing, it measures the inclination along edges, rails and even on vertical shafts.

  • Flatness
  • Levelness
  • Parallelism
  • Plumbness
  • High precision electronic inclinometer for measurement of absolute or relative angles
  • Rotatable housing allows measurement on surfaces with any inclination
  • Measure level, flatness or parallelism of surfaces as well as plumbness of vertical shafts
  • Appropriate bracketing for different applications
  • Ideal for installation and service

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• Try before you buy and cost effective compared to new
• Equipment out for factory calibration or repair
• Emergency or short-term projects
• NIST calibrations ensures reliable accurate rentals

Rental Options

• Daily, weekly, monthly, long-term rentals or rent-to-buy
ROTALIGN Touch or ROTALIGN Ultra iS with Expert Firmware
• Accessories, Mag Brackets, Sliding Mag Brackets, Turbine Brackets, Thin Brackets
• Laptop with shaft alignment software Alignment Reliabilty Center or Alignment Center

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