The FARO Vantage is an extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely. Replacing conventional tools such as piano wire, plumb bobs, layout machines, large-volume xed CMMs, theodolites, optical transits, and total stations, the Vantage is a more accurate and reliable portable 3D measurement tool that allows you to streamline your processes and be con dent in your measurement results.

Compact Size

The smallest and lightest FARO Laser Tracker ever built is incredibly easy to use and transport between job sites.

Water and Dust Resistant IP52 Rating

The Vantage can be used in demanding industrial conditions.

New Carrying Cases

An innovative travel case system takes the concept of portability to a whole new level.


Quickly and efficiently locates and locks on to the correct target.

MultiView Cameras

This patent pending integrated two-camera system can automatically point to a specific target, and quickly and efficiently locate a target when the target is not in its normal position.


Patented 5th generation ADM system provides the accuracy needed for everyday, real-world applications.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Simply measure anywhere within the wireless networks range with no need to plug into a laptop computer for enhanced portability and convenience.


Optimizes measurements based on specific ranges to maintain high system accuracy.

TriMap Encoders

Three read head system that is self-mapping; enables faster service time in more convenient locations.

In-Line Optics

Designed for longer range; allow for measurement of even larger objects from one location.


• More accurate and less time-consuming than traditional methods

• Frequent measurements and proper trending of distortions• Real-time measurement con rms tolerances and

validates design

Reverse Engineering

• Acquire high accuracy digital scan data• Eliminate the need for hard masters

Tool Building

• Full volumetric accuracy tests (ensures parts are being assembled to the highest standard)

• Verify dimensional integrity and repeatability of the tool (identify or preempt tool defects)

Part Inspection

• Compare complex geometry, surfaces, and feature positions to nominal data

• No need to move the part to a xed inspection tool• Reduce production waste and non-conformance costs


• Lay out / level machine foundation
• Prevent damage during the machine’s initial run • Reduce wear and tear on mechanical parts

Manufacturing & Assembly Integration

• Obtain critical positioning feedback real-time
• Set moving parts to nominal coordinates
• Continuous survey to provide data at specific points while moving dynamically